Who we are and what we do best


ICPMA is a unique worldwide organisation that spreads best practice in construction and project management throughout its membership. Set up in 2003, it is a modern and dynamic forum, providing opportunities to network with other professionals and academics and to engage in new business and research on a global basis. Each member pays a nominal membership fee but is encouraged to contribute to the ICPMA by actively providing current news, papers on new initiatives, or speaking at conferences and seminars.

The ICPMA is run by volunteers who are passionate about improving our cities, infrastructure and environment in ways which are more effective, efficient, and that safeguard our planet. The ICPMA wishes to ensure that all of those joining our professions realise and grasp the potential they have to improve the lives of future generations.

Our Focus

Serving our membership, and the “the better way” initiative, are our two major focus areas for 2013-2017. We plan to:

  • Increase the number of members, and encourage all members to participate
  • Increase the number of ICPMA/YICPMA events and activities
  • Increase the profile of ICPMA with other like-minded organisations
    As we strengthen, we will form dedicated groups to promote our message to ensure best standards of CPM are adopted by those active in all professions
  • Further establish our global initiative for Excellence in Construction (for the whole building life-cycle) “the better way” with its yearly awards for “Alliance” and “IQ”
  • Publish the ICPMA and “the better way” yearbook

About our Members

ICPMA is all about us, the members. We are in a period of development and growth, in a drive to enhance the strength of our organisation. We want to extend our membership, to widen our influence, and to create tangible benefits for all.

Our members are academics, consultants, contractors and clients who are active in CPM. We are searching for new active members, who can contribute to the exchange of knowledge and best practice, and who can also share information and experiences between regions and generations. We plan to increase the range and scope of our activities, and to widen our reach into as many regions and countries of the world as we can.

Our main activities are our Annual Conference, the ICPMA Forum, our “the better way” annual awards, and informal meetings. We interact with third parties to exchange knowledge, leading to higher standards of CPM worldwide. We have a wide geographical network of members.

ICPMA members pay a modest annual fee to cover the administration of the association. The idea is that rather than a larger fee, members should contribute time and knowledge, in order to spread best practice. This intellectual contribution can be made in the form of papers, reports, presentations to ICPMA events (such as the Annual Conference). Members can also assist with helping to organise the association, the website, the newsletters, and the Forum.

Our youth organisation, YICPMA, is open to students and young professionals, generally up to the age of 30, when we would normally expect them to join ICPMA and become full active members. The inaugural YICPMA Forum was held in May 2013 in Vienna, and the organisation already has members from Austria, China, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Turkey and the USA. This organisation is free to join.