Portugal 2012

The 2012 Annual Conference of ICPMA took place in Porto on 31st May and 1st June 2012. The following themes were addressed at the event:

1. Life Cycle Financial Investments in Infrastructure – Focus on Ports

2. Multicultural Experience and Soft Skills in Project Management

Speakers included internationally recognized authorities in the respective professional fields.

A gala dinner and a project site visit in Porto was part of the conference programme.



Vienna 2011

The 11th ICPMA Annual Conference on “Important Success Factors in Engineering and CPM Construction Project Management”was held on 12 – 13 May 2011 in Vienna, Austria.  The conference was hosted and co-organized as a joint conference by ACA, FIDIC, ICPMA, PMA and VZI.  Coinciding with the ICPMA scheduled conference, the FIDIC Executive Committee Meeting was also held in Vienna.  The conference gathered over 100 participants from 25 countries and 5 continents consisting of experts, scholars and successful practitioners who assembled to discuss the continuing development of construction management, engineering and urban-planning.  The forum attendees had the opportunity to learn about the success factors in the design and construction management.

The ICPMA Conference successfully brought together academics and professionals to share their ideas and recent findings focusing on key aspects of engineering and construction management.


The conference covered the following areas:


  • Day 1 – Intelligent Systems in Buildings and Infrastructure Projects:
    • Sustainability
    • Effect of IT implementation on transportation systems and behavior
    • Sustainable urban development
    • Highway management systems
    • Innovation in commercial and residential real estate


  • Day 2 – Innovative Contracts and Wise Contract Management:
    • Power of contracts on construction projects
    • Contract management
    • Contract models for sustainable construction projects
    • Innovative forms of contracts in construction
    • International and global practice in construction projects



Louis Gunnigan – ICPMA, President

Wilhelm Reismann – VZI, ICPMA Senior Vice President

Josef Robl – ACA, President

Gregs Thomopulos – FIDIC, President


The speakers and presenters shared their experience in technology, innovation and contract management and their effects on construction projects.  Discussions emphasized that managers/ designers/engineers/constructors/clients and public sector/government officials must understand the specific details of their projects and consider the various factors to realize sustainability of the projects we build for a better world.


A panel discussion on “Innovative Forms of Contracts” concluded the conference.


During this event, Josef Robl-President of ACA, Gregs Thomopulos-President of FIDIC and Wilhelm Reismann, President of VZI and Senior Vice President of ICPMA, signed the Vienna Declaration, Key Issues for the Future of Consulting Engineers” stating the key requirements for the future development of the profession of engineers and construction project managers.  You may find the contents of this document in the attachment.


A dinner reception on Thursday evening took place at the Skybar “above the rooftops of Vienna” where the organizing associations ICPMA, ACA and VZI welcomed the conference participants and other prominent guests.


A site visit was arranged on Friday afternoon to the construction site of New Vienna Central Railway Station which wrapped up this successful event.


You may find the names of the speakers and their subjects in the attached Conference Program. In case you are interested in a particular subject, please contact the conference office at:  w.reismann@ic-group.org



Istanbul 2010

Each year the ICPMA holds an Annual Congress consisting of a series of meetings, an Annual Conference and a number of further technical and social events. The Annual Conference addresses a theme that is particularly relevant to the country hosting the event. Members are invited to use the Annual Congress to meet and exchange views while developing their circle of contacts in the host country. The last Annual Congress of ICPMA took place:

The 10th Annual Conference of ICPMA has been hosted by Istanbul, the 2010 Cultural Capital of the World. The following themes have been defined for the event:


1. Urban Transport Systems

  • chairman Wilhelm Reismann (Honorary Professor, Vienna University of Technology, Partner iC Consulenten ZT GmbH, Vienna)  

2. Re-use of historical buildings

  • chairman Louis Gunnigan (Head of Department of Construction Management & Technology, Faculty of the Built Environment, Dublin Institute of Technology) 


Speakers included internationally recognized authorities in the respective professional fields from 8 countries (USA, Porgugal, Turkey, Ireland, Spain, Austria, Slovenia, Switzerland).



A gala dinner and project site visits have been part of the conference programme.