The winner of this year´s ICPMA IQ Award

On Friday 11th November the winner of this year´s ICPMA IQ Award was honoured in Berlin. This prestigious award was made during the evening event of the DVP Autumn Conference – their so called “branch meeting” of Clients and Construction Project Managers.

With more than 100 participants, this meeting was the perfect setting for the formal handover of IQ award 2016. This year´s award winner is the German research project of the ARGE RFID im Bau, consisting of the Universities of Wuppertal, Darmstadt and Dresden with it´s head Prof. Dr. Manfred Helmus. The award project provides the missing add-on for BIM technology and digitalisation. It provides that every construction part has a unique transponder chip which is connected to the BIM-Database. All information such as dimensions, material, mix, coating, cleaning advice, and plans for substitution are located. The technology also offers many different fields for implementation, mirroring those already used in construction companies, to improve the efficiency of the tools. For further information please take a look at

The research project has already been documented in our Yearbook 2016 which we launched at our Conference in Doha this year. Please also have a look at

Prof. Dr. M. Helmus unfortunately was not able to attend the ceremony in person in Berlin due to other commitments with the Ministry of Building but his colleague Dr. Rüggeberg explained the project and said a big thank you to the audience.


Once again congratulations!!!