Due to the Corona Virus Covid 19 outbreak we have decided to cancel the 2020 Conference due to be held in New York City. Our next conference will be in the summer of 2021. We hope all our members and guests stay safe during this most difficult time and we hope to see you all again next year.




International Construction Project Management Association

ICPMA Conference 2020 has sadly been cancelled

ICPMA Annual Conference 2019

13-14 June Lausanne Switzerland

This was a truly unique event, held in the world renowned Olympic Museum alongside the shores of Lake Geneva. The speakers came from many parts of the globe and shared experiences of how city neighbourhoods can be transformed, and the ways that modern digital technologies are helping to better deliver the built environment: improved quality, on time and within budget.  This year our partners from Cobaty were well represented and added a truly Swiss feel to the event. It was memorable to have them join with us in this celebration of all that is wonderful about the places that our professions create together. 

During the gala dinner, trophies were awarded to projects in Germany, Japan, England and South Korea, for projects and initiatives following the aims of ICPMA. For more information about the winners click here.

ICPMA sincerely thanks the speakers for their inspiring talks:

  • Natacha Litzistorf, Director of Housing, Environment and Architecture, Lausanne
  • Christina Stoltz, Project Director, Buro Four, London
  • Pr. Bruno Marchand, Architect EPFL, Lausanne
  • Dr Louis Gunnigan, Technological University, Dublin
  • Marc Pointet, Director Mobimo, Lausanne
  • Raquel and Antonio Campos y Matos, GEG, Portugal
  • Marco Mari, CEO Idessin, Geneva
  • Dr Bethan Morgan, University College London
  • Antoine Rerolle, Director, Losinger-Marazzi
  • Agnes Hazay and Michael Reiter, YICPMA
  • Jeremy Sneddon, Provelio, London
  • Tomoyuki Haramura, Meiho, Japan

ICPMA thanks sincerely Cobaty and pom+ for being with us, supporting the event, and making it so special. 

The event concluded with a site visit to the LEB Tunnel in Lausanne, a piece of modern engineering to behold. May it soon be operational. 

London England
Discussion panel debating ways forward
Conference interaction

ICPMA Annual Conference 2018

4-5 June London, England

The National Theatre on the south bank of the River Thames provided an inspiring venue and setting for the 2018 conference. The theme of "Building Futures" explored recent practice, modern technologies, current research and celebrated successes: providing a positive out-take and also some food for thought. The audience comprised delegates from Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East, and this year attracted a number of young professionals and students in the early stages of their careers. This balance of guests helped to create a dynamic and interactive forum. The way that human skills can add to and enhance technological advances was a common theme: when all work together, world class projects can be created. This is a secret for success.

During the Awards ceremony held on the evening of 4th, projects in Dubai, London, Qatar and Peru received trophies for excellence, for more information on these click here.

ICPMA thanks all the speakers for their insight and commitment

  • Paul Jozefowski, National Theatre London
  • Ian Higgs, Buro Four London
  • Clive Birch, Buro Four London
  • Dr Eleni Papadonikolaki, University College London
  • Prof David Mosey, King's College London
  • Adam Goff, Arup Dublin
  • Louis Gunnigan, Dublin Institute of Technology
  • James Bowles, Freeform London
  • Liam Clarke, Freeform London
  • Philip Sander, Risk Consult Innsbruck
  • Edward Pittar, Malcolm Hollis Berlin
  • David Metcalfe, CWCT Bath
  • Paul Wilson, Provelio London

The event was supported by our partners Buro Four and ICPMA thanks all their team for their positive input. We also recognise the assistance of our sponsors: ASTAD; PMK: Rabco Engineering; 21C Business Consulting.

The conference concluded with an architectural tour around the iconic National Theatre building, showing how the original design was developed and how it has evolved since. In typical ICPMA fashion, this was a friendly and interactive event, with many delegates already noting the 2019 dates for Lausanne, Switzerland in their diaries.

Nick Smith

ICPMA President     

ICPMA Annual Conference 2017

22-23 June in Hamburg, Germany

A packed 2017 conference discussed and debated two topical subject areas: how to add value to modern city centres, and digitalisation; the way forward?

Attendees came from across the globe again; Austria, Australia, Finland, Hungary, Iran, Ireland, Japan, U.K., USA, Switzerland and Germany. With the focus on Hamburg, the waterfront; Elbphilarmonie; HafenCity and Art Invest projects were showcased: with the National Theatre London; Oslo; Kyoto and Ireland concluding the international look.


All of these projects have combined new uses for our cities that respect the historic fabric, but add something special and create places popular with people. Further use of digitalisation was acknowledged by all delegates to be the route to create more effective, successful and efficient buildings. Whilst the talent of designers and other professionals will always be needed, achievements can be maximised by fully embracing these modern techniques. Speakers from Austria, Switzerland and Germany gave fascinating insights and this theme will be returned to in future conferences.


During the evening celebrations, two distinctions for 2017 for ”the better way” awards were presented to the Higashi-Honganji Temple in Kyoto, by Nikken Sekkei; and for the Qatar Foundation for Islamic Studies in Qatar, by Astad.


A site visit was held to the iconic Elbphilarmonie Concert Hall in Hamburg, one of the most impressive new buildings seen by ICPMA and set to be a catalyst for the future growth of Hamburg. It was again wonderful to see that people who met there for the first time in a formal manner said goodbye in a very personal way, as friends.  That is the spirit of ICPMA Conferences and why ICPMA is different from many other organisations.


During the conference proceedings I was officially announced as the new President of ICPMA, and I will endeavour, with the Steering Committee, to help to grow the influence and value of ICPMA during my tenure. A special thanks goes to Arnd Wittchen for his two years as President and for arranging such a special conference in the city where he works. He will be a hard act to follow.


Nick Smith

ICPMA President


ICPMA Annual Conference 2016

25-26 May in Doha, Qatar


Our 2016 Conference in Doha, Qatar, was again an impactful event, combining informative talks with interactive and enlightening discussion.  Over 50 attendees joined the International Conference, making it a rousing success!  It is clear that the Middle East is leading the world with building construction and infrastructure innovation.



Attendees came from across the globe, including Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Japan, USA, Austria, Germany, Thailand, the UK, Oman, and Spain.  We heard about the impressive megaprojects and visions for Qatar and regional cities of Abu Dhabi and Dubai; BIM and BIM-related fields and how this technology and way of thinking is improving construction coordination and delivery; and a strong focus on sustainability and its implementation program by the Qatar Green Building Council. 


We are very proud that the impressive ICPMA YEARBOOK, 2016 Edition: Doha, was published for the first time, containing successful projects from around the world that are taking part in the ‘the better way‘ initiative. The YEARBOOK also contains other related interviews and reports on state-of-the-art developments and initiatives that will impact construction projects in the future. The online Version of the YEARBOOK is available here.


The 2-day format included a festive Awards Dinner on the first evening, where attendees enjoyed a breath-taking view over the bay onto the Doha skyline.  The attendees were able to network informally and the location provided the perfect framework for the official ceremony for the 2016 “Alliance Award” and ‘the better way‘ initiative, awarded to the Toyota Research and Development Centre in China.  Two distinctions were also awarded, to British School Muscat in the Sultanate of Oman, and Karawatha Forestry Discovery Centre in Brisbane, Australia.


On the 2nd day all participants visited the Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies (QFIS) in Education City, courtesy of our platinum sponsor, ASTAD Project Management.  This iconic building contains a stunning mosque, and combines modern architecture with traditional Islamic messages and fine detailing.  The visit was followed by lunch at an Ottoman restaurant at Katara Cultural Village on the beach side, where regional food provided the perfect end to the conference and provided more opportunities for discussion about all that had been learned.  It was again wonderful to see that people who met there for the first time in a formal manner said goodbye in a very personal way, as friends.  That is the spirit of ICPMA Conferences and why ICPMA is different from many other organisations.





ICPMA Annual Conference 2015

2-3 June in  Madrid, Spain


The ICPMA recently  completed its 15th annual successful annual conference in Madrid, SPAIN June 2-3, 2015. The event had over 90 attendees representing countries from the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia. The conference was a joint effort, co-hosted by both ICPMA and CMAS (Construction Management Association of Spain).


The theme of the conference was centered on “New Trends in Project Management”. The first day’s subtopic focused on creating project partnerships or alliances and what ICPMA terms “A Better Way” of managing projects. Some successful projects utilizing this approach from the US, Ireland, Spain, Oman, and Germany were presented and discussed.


A dinner at the Madrid City Center  allowed everyone to enjoy some cool beverages, delicious Spanish food and vine, and a beautiful nighttime view of the  Madrid skyline. Highligt of the evening event was the awarding procedure of the 1st Alliance Award of the joint initiative “the better way”  from ICPMA and DVP. The two clients of two outstanding projects following the 7 principles have been selected by the awarding committee to receive this award. These clients are Grangegorman Development Agency for the campus project Grangegorman in Dublin and Ministry of Energy of Georgia, Mr Ilia Eloshvili, Deputy Minister for the Hydropower plant in Georgia.


The second day of the conference involved discussions on BIM. Representatives from the academia, general practitioner, and ownership sectors interacted and discussed the benefits and necessities of these new technologies.


The conference ended with a construction site tour of an 1870 vintage masonry building, now being converted into  high end multi-residential living quarters. The general contractor INBISA allowed the group to review some of the foundation, framing, and masonry reinforcement required to make the structure last well beyond the 23rd century.


In summary, all conference participants were able to interact with worldwide construction management practitioners as well as gain valuable insight into the newest trends of project management. A short video presentation of the events can be found on line - click here or here.


We thank CMAS for hosting the joint Conference and Marta Alvares Manero for the perfect organisation of the conference. Muchas Gracias por todo.


Previous ICPMA Annual Conferences


2014 Conference : Helsinki, Finland

2013 Conference : Wiesbaden, Germany

2012 Conference : Porto, Portugal

2011 Conference : Vienna, Austria

2010 Conference : Istanbul, Turkey

2009 Conference : Prague, Czech Republic

2008 Conference : Dublin, Ireland     -   Images of the ICPMA 2008 Conference in Dublin here.

2007 Conference: New York City, USA

2006 Conference: Bern, Switzerland

2005 Conference: Prague, Czech Republic

2004 Conference: Madrid, Spain

2003 Conference: Berlin, Germany

2002 Conference: London, England


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