International Construction Project Management Association

YICPMA is open to students and young professionals so that they can be part of our association before becoming full active members as their careers develop.


The inaugural YICPMA Forum was held in Vienna in 2013 and the organisation has members from Austria, China, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, UK and USA.


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9th August 2019

YICPMA member Iosif (Joseph) Filosof has just graduated from UCL Bartlett School with his MSc in Construction Economics and Management. Many congratulations to him. He is now working for Atkins in London and all of our members, far and wide, wish him every success. 

14th June 2019

Michael Reiter spoke at the ICPMA Conference in Lausanne about his recent experiences in Tehran, Iran. City planning has not been that "joined up" and he has made some recommendations of how to improve the city by respecting natural pedestrian desire lines. Let's hope they are implemented. 

Agnes Hazay spoke about city planning in Budapest, Hungary, and specifically how an area of the city is becoming greener and more accessible for public use. Budapest is increasingly  popular for tourists too and the city plans to continue to improve its built environment to attract more in the future.  

7th January 2019

[Manila, Philippines]

Mapúa University - School of Civil, Environmental and Geological Engineering undergraduate student officers and members of the International Construction Project Management Association – Mapúa Student Chapter (ICPMA-MSC) held its 7th Bridge Building Competition last Dec. 5, 2018. Bridge building competition is one of the biggest events of the organisation which is being held annually. By the name itself, it’s a competition where groups of undergraduate engineering students create model bridges where they are only allowed to use specified materials set by the organisers. This year, only popsicle sticks and wood glue were allowed, and they are asked to build bridges considering the guidelines particularly following the minimum dimension. It’s a productive learning experience where it is not only beneficial for the organisation but for the students who participated as well. 

by: Ma. Carmela L. Ronquillo


















1st August 2018


Artem Kholodiakov, one of our YICPMA members who attended our London Conference, has recently graduated from University College London with a MSc in Construction Economics and Management. His Bachelors was in Engineering and he has experience in this field. At UCL he was a departmental representative and change maker.


Artem is now looking for the next step in his career and is flexible in terms of location. If you are able to help Artem, or know someone who can, please leave a message here or contact him through LinkedIn.


18th July 2018


Many congratulations are in order for Ryan Holland, who graduated today from the University of Derby with a First Class Honours degree in Construction Management. Ryan is newly registered with us, and all at ICPMA hope to help him to develop his career and to assist him in creating successful building projects. We also hope that he will encourage others to join our exciting profession.







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